Looking for a career in early learning?

Integricare is a Christian not-for-profit organisation dedicated to children and supporting families in the sometimes challenging work of parenting. Integricare offers a number of rewarding career opportunities in:


As a Christian organisation we see that the practical love that Jesus showed to children can be reflected in our work also. We call it love-in-action, where our faith is expressed not only in words but also in our actions. A career in early learning is an excellent opportunity to live out your faith in a meaningful way.

Early Education

Children’s early years are crucial in their long-term development and assisting families through those years can be life-changing for them. It can also be life-changing for you.


Whether you work in central administration or in our various service locations, it is essential that educators, workers and carers are provided with support. This allows them to focus on the key role of face-to-face contact with children and families.


As a manager of a service or key management function, you have the unique opportunity to make a leading difference to families and children in a very important period of their lives.

Help nurture social, physical and emotional development


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