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About us

This preschool offers a home-like environment on premises owned by Drummoyne Baptist Church.


The team at Drummoyne Preschool have created an energetic atmosphere where singing, dancing and play are part of a typical day. Our Drummoyne centre is renowned for its commitment to providing a Christian preschool environment that is warm, nurturing and inviting to all families within the community. Dedicated and experienced staff provide individualised programs that foster each child’s interests and enhance their personal learning journey. We encourage parental involvement in our preschool through our parent social and fundraising committee, parent volunteers and community visits.

Children must be taught how to think, not what you think.


– Margaret Mead

April ’18

13Term 1, last day
25ANZAC Day (centre closed)
30Term 2, first day

May ’18

07Big Tops & Tiny Tots Incursion (10am)
10Responsible Pet Ownership
10Mother’s Day Breakfast
11Big Tops & Tiny Tots Incursion (2pm)
22Vivid Dental
24Vivid Dental

June ’18

06Sydney Trains Program

August ’18

0150th Anniversary
01Book Fair
02Aunty Wendy
14Preschool Photo Day – Joeys
16Preschool Photo Day – Wombats

September ’18

28Term 3, last day

October ’18

01Labour Day (centre closed)
15Term 4, first day

November ’18

05Mark Stewart Drummer (10am)
09Mark Stewart Drummer (2pm)

December ’18

21Term 4, last day

January ’19

28First day 2019

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